Sexual Concerns
Couples and individuals often seek therapy due to sexual concerns. This label covers a number of different types of issues. At Dendrinos Psychology, we treat the following sexual concerns:
Arousal Concerns
Arousal concerns can occur on both ends of the spectrum. We see males and females that would like to increase their level of sexual arousal and individuals who would like to decrease their level of sexual arousal. Compulsive masturbation and excessive pornography use are also typical complaints we see in therapy. Sex therapy provides several effective strategies for regulating sexual arousal.
Performance Difficulties
Many people experience physical and/or psychological difficulties that make it impossible, painful, or less satisfying to engage in sexual activity. For males, this may include difficulty getting and maintaining an erection or ejaculation difficulties (delayed or premature). For females, sexual performance difficulties are often due to what now is called genito-pelvic pain disorder. This disorder can make it impossible or extremely painful to engage in sexual intercourse. Both males and females can also experience orgasm difficulty that can negatively impact their sexual relationships and level of satisfaction.
For some people, these difficulties may have been lifelong, while others develop these issues after a period of sexual activity or due to a change (e.g., increased stress, change in partner, trauma). Cognitive behavioral therapy can offer skills and techniques to address these issues and improve sexual performance and satisfaction.
Sexual Compatibility
Therapy can also enhance compatibility between partners in terms of sexual preferences. This might include concerns over the frequency of sex desired by each partner, the type of sex preferred, or the inclusion of certain experiences into the sexual relationship. It is normal to have different sexual preferences and couples therapy can help both partners navigate their way to a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.
Dendrinos Psychology identifies as kink-friendly, meaning we provide an open and nonjudgmental space for kink lifestyles and sexual preferences.
Individual therapy, couples therapy, or a combination of the two can help address all of these issues. At Dendrinos Psychology, we specialize in the treatment of sexual issues and often coordinate closely with physicians in order to develop the most effective treatment plan. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 612-470-4099.