Couples Check-Up

The Couples Check-Up is a comprehensive assessment that provides couples with detailed feedback about their communication and degree of conflict.

What to Expect

The first session is two hours long and includes assessment measures for each partner on a number of dimensions, including relationship satisfaction, conflict style, areas of disagreement, and mental health concerns. Each couple also participates in a conflict assessment coded by a licensed psychologist. The first session ends with an in-depth clinical interview.

In the second session, couples receive the results of their assessment in a detailed report that outlines their strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a couple. They are provided with specific feedback outlining behaviors observed during the conflict discussion that are known to predict relationship termination and/or divorce. Each couple is also provided with individualized recommendations.

Who Is This Right For?

In the Couples Check-Up, we most commonly see two types of couples: those that are considering couples therapy and those that are considering a next step (marriage, having a child). This assessment can also be useful as discernment counseling for couples considering divorce or separation. However, any couple can benefit from learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship.