Couples Services

At Dendrinos Psychology, we have a special interest in helping couples navigate the challenges of life together.  We offer a range of couples-based services:
Premarital Counseling
Starting a marriage with the best understanding of your relationship and tools for resolving conflicts, communicating effectively, and growing together is essential.  We conduct a detailed assessment and then customize a premarital counseling program aimed at building upon the strengths of your relationship and addressing issues that may become more problematic in the future.
Couples Therapy
Couples therapy can be useful at any point in a relationship and can be used to address a number of issues.  Here is a list of some of the issues most couples come to therapy for:
Conflict Resolution
Coping with an Affair
Difficulties with Emotional Intimacy
Grief/Loss of a Child
Pregnancy and Transition to Parenthood
Sexual Concerns
Post-Divorce/Co-Parenting Counseling
The ending of any relationship is difficult and often times it can be helpful to have an outside perspective when navigating a divorce.  Many people find that meeting with a psychologist to address co-parenting after a divorce can help children transition.