Gifted Children
Children that are substantially above average in intelligence or academic achievement may face some unique challenges.
From a purely academic perspective, many parents find that they need to advocate within the school setting for their children to receive an education that challenges them. The first part of this process may include a formal assessment of intelligence by a psychologist that can give both parents and teachers a better idea of what will need to be done to meet this child’s intellectual level. Unfortunately, in the public school system, having an above average or superior IQ does not guarantee your child extra services.
Perfectionism is also common in this population. For many of these children, they have always been immediately successful in school or when trying something new. As they get older and encounter more difficult challenges, they may take failure very strongly or avoid engaging in new tasks altogether.
At times, these children can encounter social challenges. This can happen for a number of reasons. For children that are very intelligent, they may find that they cannot connect with what their peers are talking about. Research shows that at a certain level, high intelligence is correlated with greater social challenges.
Therapy can be a helpful service for gifted children. At times, this may be individual or family therapy and may include parent coaching. In other situations, especially if there are social skill challenges, group therapy is the best option. If you are interested in learning more about our services please call us at 612-470-4099 or email us at