Dendrinos Psychology, PLLC offers psychological services and therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Established by Dr. Andrea Dendrinos, Ph.D. L.P (formerly Andrea Potthoff), Dendrinos Psychology, PLLC specializes in cognitive behavioral treatment.  Dendrinos Psychology, PLLC provides care for a full range of psychological difficulties, including anxiety and depression, through individualized plans that focus on effective treatment techniques.
Dr. Andrea Dendrinos is a licensed clinical psychologist who has a strong training in evidence-based treatments.  She uses treatment approaches and techniques that have been scientifically tested and verified.  Not all therapy is equal and at Dendrinos Psychology, you can rest easy knowing you are getting state-of-the-art treatment based on cutting edge research.  Our treatment plans focus on providing you with the most effective plan to reduce the frequency and severity of psychological symptoms.
Dendrinos Psychology is located in Edina, Minnesota and provides psychological services to the entire twin city metropolitan area.  We do our best to keep same-day appointments available because we do not believe you should have to wait weeks to see a psychologist when you are in distress now.  We are happy to offer morning, afternoon, and evening appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.  Give us a call at 612-470-4099 or email us at andrea@dendrinospsychology.com.




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About Cognitive Behavioral Treatment
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a scientifically tested, therapeutic approach that is aimed at helping people achieve concrete, measurable therapy goals.  CBT is considered an evidence-based treatment, meaning it is proven to work in research studies.  It involves a tailored approach that works on changing thoughts and behaviors to reduce distress, relieve symptoms, and improve overall functioning.  It is effective for a wide range of concerns and can be adapted to suit people of all ages.  We believe in providing our clients with practical skills they can use to achieve their goals, especially once therapy has ended.  It is an active, collaborative approach that prioritizes a supportive therapeutic relationship, measurable outcomes, and concrete skills.